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What are the types of jurisdiction where the main property is located 1. The jurisdiction stipulated in the Civil Procedure Law of China (or the classification of jurisdiction in law) mainly includes four categories: level jurisdiction, regional jurisdiction, transfer jurisdiction and designated jurisdiction. 2. Territorial jurisdiction can be further divided into six categories: General territorial jurisdiction, special territorial jurisdiction, agreement jurisdiction, exclusive jurisdiction, consolidated jurisdiction and selective jurisdiction. 3. In the theory of civil procedure, from different angles, according to different standards, the jurisdiction of civil cases can also be divided into different categories. Generally speaking, it can be classified according to the following three standards: ① according to the law and court ruling, it can be divided into legal jurisdiction and ruling jurisdiction. (2) according to the standard of whether the parties are allowed to negotiate or not, it can be divided into exclusive jurisdiction and agreement jurisdiction. According to the relationship between the parties, the object of action and the jurisdiction of the court, it can be divided into joint jurisdiction and consolidated jurisdiction.

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Root mean respect lawyer 2019-12-02 09:46:41

How many fake invoices will be punished? According to the provisions of Article 6 of the decision, forging, manufacturing without authorization or selling other invoices forged or manufactured without authorization that can be used to defraud export tax rebates or offset taxes constitutes the crime of illegally manufacturing special invoices or selling special invoices illegally manufactured. Forging, manufacturing without authorization or selling more than 50 copies of other invoices forged or manufactured without authorization that can be used to defraud the export tax rebate or tax deduction shall be convicted and punished according to law; forging, manufacturing without authorization or selling more than 200 copies of other invoices forged or manufactured without authorization that can be used to defraud the export tax rebate or tax deduction shall be considered as "a huge quantity"; forging, manufacturing without authorization or selling Selling more than 1000 copies of other invoices forged or manufactured without authorization that can be used to defraud export tax rebates or offset taxes belongs to the category of "extremely large quantity".

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Sakamoto lawyer 2019-11-29 10:22:58

Is the quotation an invitation to offer? According to the relevant laws of our country, the invitation to offer refers to the expression of intention that someone wants to send an offer to himself. There are many cases of invitation to offer, among which sending a quotation is one of them.

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Kagawa Miko lawyer 2019-11-29 10:19:24

Can I only get the receipt and sign the subscription book after I pay the down payment? Generally, it is possible. If the "commercial housing subscription letter" signed by the buyer and the developer only simply stipulates that the buyer shall pay a certain amount of deposit to the developer as the provisions of Article 4 of the "interpretation of several issues applicable to the dispute cases of commercial housing sales contract" signed by both parties in the future, the matter shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of the law on deposit, that is, due to the opening of the If the developer is unable to sign the commercial housing sales contract due to the reason of the developer, the developer shall return double the deposit to the buyer.

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Semi prime Silver lawyer 2019-11-28 10:31:12

How to cancel the contract of second-hand house online sign? 1. It can be cancelled without the transaction of the brokerage company, the buyer and the seller bringing their own identity card or entrusting others to bring your identity card, the client's own identity card and the copy of the room book.2. Through the transaction of the brokerage company, the brokerage company can be required to issue a copy of the online signature cancellation form with official seal, and the sales and purchase department can issue a copy of the ID card and the room copy to cancel the online signature.3. If one or both parties do not have time to handle, they shall hand written power of attorney, take the ID card of both parties and the on-the-job certificate issued by the broker company and affix the official seal.

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Sakamoto lawyer 2019-11-28 10:28:26

Can the suspension of trial be mediated out of court? As long as it is the will of both sides. Generally, there are three types of cases that apply out of court mediation: 1. General trading disputes and loan disputes; 2. Divorce, support, inheritance and other family marriage cases; 3. Heating disputes and property disputes. 4. others.

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David H. Cameron lawyer 2019-11-28 10:24:48

Does detention deprive political rights? According to the criminal law of our country, deprivation of political rights is one of the additional punishments which belong to the criminal punishment measures. The additional punishment and the main punishment can be implemented together, so when sentenced to criminal detention, they can also be deprived of political rights.

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Semi prime Silver lawyer 2019-11-27 09:56:36

Issues to be paid attention to in early termination of housing lease contract? In the house lease contract, it usually involves the problem that the owner collects the rent of several months in advance as the deposit after signing the contract. If there is any dispute between the two parties, especially the lessee cancels the contract in advance, the lessor often detains the deposit as the liquidated damages. In fact, the deposit is not the liquidated damages for early termination. The reason why the lessor needs to collect the deposit is that the lessor gives his house and related accessories to the lessee for use. In order to ensure that the lessee can get compensation for the damage caused to the leased property in the use process, the deposit is set. From this point of view, the deposit shall be refunded as long as the leased property is not damaged, whether the lease relationship is terminated normally or one party cancels the lease contract in advance. Unless expressly agreed by both parties in the lease contract, if one party breaches the contract and cancels the contract, the agreed amount of liquidated damages shall be determined based on the deposit.

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David H. Cameron lawyer 2019-11-27 09:54:19

Is corruption a criminal case? According to the provisions of the criminal law, corruption and bribery belong to criminal cases, which are put on file by the procuratorial organ for investigation. However, whether the parties involved in corruption and bribery will be sentenced depends on the specific circumstances.

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Ding Zhong He lawyer 2019-11-27 09:50:48

Is the probation period legal after the internship? The internship period is a process in which students participate in practical work in specific posts of the unit during the period of school. The internship period is not considered as employment, and the interns have not established labor relations with the labor unit. Therefore, there is a probation period after the internship period, which is not in violation of relevant laws and regulations, which is both legal and reasonable.

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Ding Zhong He lawyer 2019-11-26 10:14:19

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