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Jurisdiction of filing a traffic accident lawsuit: in the traffic accident compensation lawsuit, when the plaintiff brings a lawsuit, after confirming that the lawsuit belongs to the case accepted by the people's court, he will face the problem of lawsuit in that court, which is the jurisdiction problem in the civil procedure law. Jurisdiction is divided into level jurisdiction and regional jurisdiction. Level jurisdiction refers to the jurisdiction of which level of court, and regional jurisdiction refers to the jurisdiction of which local court.

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Wolfsdorf lawyer 2020-05-22 10:18:57

How to collect the car held by traffic police in case of traffic accident: the car held by traffic police can be picked up after the identification of traffic police. Specifically, the inspection report and appraisal opinion shall be informed by the public security traffic police department within five days from the date of determination before the vehicle can be picked up.

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David H. Cameron lawyer 2020-05-22 10:17:54

Birth right: the birth right of editor citizens is a basic human right. The birth right of citizens is born, which is prior to the state and law. As a basic human right, the right to bear is different from other political rights, such as the right to vote and the right to form a community, which are granted by the Constitution and the law, and cannot be deprived at any time. The Tehran declaration adopted by the United Nations International Conference on human rights in 1968 states that "parents have the freedom to decide the number of children

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Alexander lawyer 2020-05-21 13:47:59

How to apply for additional alimony: after divorce, additional child alimony can be sued. According to the provisions of the marriage law, alimony should include: living expenses, education expenses and medical expenses. Whether the child is raised by the mother or the father, the other party shall bear the necessary alimony. The amount of childcare expenses may be determined according to the actual needs of the children, the affordability of both parents and the actual local living standards. There are two situations: first, for those with fixed income, the care fee can generally be paid according to a certain proportion of their monthly total income. The proportion of those who bear the expenses for the care of more than two children may be increased appropriately. The calculation of total wages shall include wages, relatively fixed bonuses, post subsidies, etc. Second, if there is no fixed income, the amount of care fee can be based on the total income of the year or the average income of the same industry. For example, the standard of alimony paid by farmers is generally not lower than the local average level. The child support fees of individual businesses, specialized contractors and private business owners shall be paid according to their operating conditions and actual profits. If one party has no economic income or its whereabouts are unknown, its property may be used to offset the child's upbringing expenses.

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Root mean respect lawyer 2020-05-21 13:45:59

What is the dispute of duty infringement: the so-called duty infringement refers to the act of infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons or other organizations in the process of exercising power on behalf of the state. Only in the name of the state, the act of exercising state power is the act of performing official duties; only in the course of performing official duties, the act of infringing official duties is the act of infringing official duties. As duty tort is a kind of tort in the exercise of state power, the perpetrator is not in equal legal status with the injured citizens, legal persons or other organizations, so it is different from the general tort and belongs to a special tort.

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Sakamoto lawyer 2020-05-21 13:44:27

What is the crime of counterfeiting the IOU? Counterfeiting the IOU is a crime of fraud. The crime of fraud (Article 266 of the criminal law of the people's Republic of China) refers to the act of defrauding a large amount of public and private property with the purpose of illegal possession by means of fictitious facts or concealing the truth. Altering the loan slip and increasing the loan amount belong to the act of defrauding other people's property by means of fictitious facts. If it is suspected of defrauding, it shall bear criminal responsibility.

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David H. Cameron lawyer 2020-05-20 10:37:45

What crime does forgery contract belong to: Generally speaking, forgery contract does not constitute a criminal crime, unless there are the following circumstances, it may bear corresponding criminal responsibility: forgery contract with a company's seal may constitute the crime of forgery of company's seal; if the company does not exist at all, using the contract to defraud, and reaching a certain amount, it may constitute the crime of contract fraud; in criminal proceedings If a witness intentionally provides a forged contract for the circumstances that are important to the case and intends to frame another person or conceal criminal evidence, it may constitute a crime of perjury.

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Sakamoto lawyer 2020-05-20 10:36:24

Whether the company's relocated employees can get compensation if they don't go: the company's relocation must ask for opinions from all employees. Generally, if both parties agree to work at the new address, they will continue to perform the labor contract; if they do not agree to go, they need to notify the unit in writing 30 days in advance to terminate the labor contract and require economic compensation. From the perspective of actual performance, not all companies need to pay economic compensation to their employees for relocation. The relocation distance and address will be considered comprehensively. When the unit and the employee sign the labor contract, they should make clear the work place. When the employee decides to sign the labor contract, the work place and environment are also a big factor to be considered. During the performance period of the contract, if the company's workplace changes significantly (note that the significant change is emphasized here) which affects the performance of the employee's labor contract, the unit shall pay economic compensation to the employee in accordance with the provisions of Article 40 of the labor contract law.

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Alexander lawyer 2020-05-20 10:35:08

How to punish the ringleaders of a criminal group: according to the provisions of the criminal law, the ringleaders who organize and lead a criminal group shall be punished according to all the crimes committed by the group, that is, the ringleaders shall bear criminal responsibility for all the crimes committed by the criminal group they organize and lead. This principle is established because the ringleader is the one who gives advice, plans and arranges crimes and commands other group members to carry out criminal activities. Therefore, all the crimes committed by the group are committed by the ringleader's subjective criminal intent, as well as under his organization, leadership and command. He should bear criminal responsibility for all the crimes committed by the group. However, if one or some members of a criminal group independently commit other criminal acts beyond the crimes planned to be committed by the criminal group, the principal of the act shall not bear criminal responsibility, and the individual member who commits the criminal act shall be responsible.

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Alexander lawyer 2020-05-19 10:32:56

Legal liability of joint borrower: the main liability of joint borrower is joint liability. That is to say, if the creditor can claim all the debts from any one person, no one can oppose the creditor's claim with the internal distribution agreement between them. In addition, some of the joint borrowers also bear the responsibility of guarantee.

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David H. Cameron lawyer 2020-05-19 10:30:43

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