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Is a performance bond required for bidding? According to the relevant provisions of the bidding law of the people's Republic of China, the performance security is not a mandatory provision, but according to the requirements put forward by the tenderee in the bidding document. If the bidding document states that the performance security needs to be paid, the winning bidder shall pay it.

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Alexander lawyer 2020-03-28 09:32:05

Is it legal for employers to withhold wages for donation? According to Article 4 of the public welfare donation law, employees have the right to decide on the amount of donations, whether and how to make donations must be voluntary. No employer is allowed to forcibly deduct employees' working capital. According to the provisions of Article 91 of the labor law, if the wages of the workers are deducted, the labor administrative department shall order the employing unit to pay the wage remuneration and economic compensation of the workers, and may order the payment of the compensation.

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Root mean respect lawyer 2020-03-28 09:29:30

Under what circumstances can the company deduct wages? The labor law clearly stipulates that "wages shall be paid to the workers in the form of currency on a monthly basis.". The wages of labourers shall not be withheld or delayed without cause. " However, the employer may also deduct the wages of the workers under specific circumstances. 1. The employer shall not deduct the wages of the workers. In case of any of the following circumstances, the employer may withhold the wages of the workers: (1) the individual income tax withheld and paid by the employer; (2) the various social insurance expenses withheld and paid by the employer which shall be borne by the workers; (3) the alimony and alimony required to be withheld in the judgment and ruling of the court; (4) other expenses that may be deducted from the wages of the workers as stipulated by laws and regulations. 2. If economic losses are caused to the employing unit due to the reasons of the laborer himself, the employing unit may demand compensation for the economic losses in accordance with the provisions of the labor contract. The compensation for economic losses may be deducted from the wages of the workers themselves. However, the part deducted each month shall not exceed 20% of the worker's wages in that month. If the part of the remaining wage after deduction is lower than the local minimum wage standard, it shall be paid according to the minimum wage standard.

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Sakamoto lawyer 2020-03-28 09:28:08

Can the leased house be sold: the answer to this question is yes, because in the legal relationship of house rental, the lessee enjoys the right to use the house, while the ownership of the house still belongs to the lessor; in addition, it is a burden behavior to establish a lease contract on the house, and the house sale is a disposition behavior, which is not in conflict with each other. However, we should pay attention to two problems in the sale of rental houses: first, the sale does not break the lease. Before the lease term expires, the house buyer cannot ask the lessee to vacate the house. Second, the lessee's preemptive right. It's best to have the lessee give up the preemptive right before buying the leased house.

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Chi Tai min lawyer 2020-03-27 09:40:49

Will the invalidation of a trademark be announced? According to the provisions of the Trademark Law of China, if the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board considers that the registered trademark does not conform to the provisions of the trademark law after receiving the application, it will declare the invalidation of the registered trademark and make an announcement.

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Semi prime Silver lawyer 2020-03-27 09:39:33

Whether seasonal employment needs to sign a labor contract: workers should sign a labor contract in the process of labor. Those who do not sign a labor contract are generally illegal and will be punished to the corresponding company or enterprise. No matter formal or temporary workers, they should sign a labor contract.

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Alexander lawyer 2020-03-27 09:36:44

Is larceny a public prosecution? The larceny cases are mainly public prosecution, supplemented by private prosecution. According to the interpretation of the high law, private prosecution cases include cases handled only after telling, minor criminal cases where the victim has evidence to prove and cases transferred from public prosecution to private prosecution.

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Alexander lawyer 2020-03-26 09:42:04

Materials to be submitted for work-related injury capacity appraisal: Article 8 of the administrative measures for work-related injury capacity appraisal stipulates that the application form for work-related injury capacity appraisal shall be filled in and the following materials shall be submitted: (1) the original and copy of the decision on work-related injury identification; (2) Valid diagnosis certificate, complete medical record materials such as inspection and inspection report copied or copied in accordance with relevant regulations on medical record management of medical institutions; (3) original and copy of other valid identity certificates such as resident identity card or social security card of workers at work-related injuries; (4) other materials specified by the labor capacity appraisal committee.

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Ding Zhong He lawyer 2020-03-26 09:38:23

Does debit card affect personal credit? Debit card is not in arrears. The so-called arrears, generally the annual arrears, will not affect personal credit records. 1. Generally speaking, users who have not used debit card within three years are sleep status users. They can use debit card as long as they are activated. However, if they have not used debit card for more than three years, it depends on the policies of specific banks in specific regions. The policies of banks in different regions are different, and it is possible to automatically close their accounts; 2. Dormant card may leave a negative record for your credit report, because you may forget to pay its annual fee or other fees; 3. The bank card will be automatically cancelled if it is not used for three years, but it's better to go to the bank to cancel in advance.

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Root mean respect lawyer 2020-03-26 09:32:31

Which court to file a lawsuit against labor arbitration: labor dispute cases shall be under the jurisdiction of the basic people's court in the place where the employer is located or where the labor contract is performed. If the place of performance of the labor contract is not clear, it shall be under the jurisdiction of the basic people's Court of the place where the employer is located. According to Article 8 of the interpretation of the Supreme People's Court on Several Issues concerning the application of law in the trial of labor dispute cases, the labor dispute cases shall be under the jurisdiction of the basic people's Court of the place where the employer is located or where the labor contract is performed. If the place of performance of the labor contract is not clear, it shall be under the jurisdiction of the basic people's Court of the place where the employer is located. That is to say, the court in the place where the labor contract is performed and where the employer is located has jurisdiction over the labor dispute, regardless of the location of the employee. If the award has a designated court, it will be brought before that court. If not specified, as specified above.

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Chi Tai min lawyer 2020-03-25 10:29:14

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