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Does the husband borrow money and the wife want to pay it back? If it's a couple's joint debt, the wife needs to pay it back. According to Article 24 of the interpretation of the Supreme People's Court on Several Issues concerning the application of the marriage law of the people's Republic of China (2), in principle, if the creditor claims the right to claim the debt of the husband and the wife in the name of the individual during the existence of the marriage relationship, it shall be treated as the joint debt of the husband and the wife. However, there are two exceptions, that is, the husband and the wife can prove that the creditor and the debtor clearly agree as personal debts, or can prove that the property agreed between the husband and the wife belongs to each other and the creditor knows the agreement.

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Chi Tai min lawyer 2020-01-20 09:43:50

Probation period refers to the period included in the term of the labor contract, during which the employer assesses whether the employee is qualified or not, and whether the employee also assesses whether the employer meets his own requirements, which is a performance of two-way selection by both parties.

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Semi prime Silver lawyer 2020-01-20 09:42:12

What is the general period of probation? Article 19 of the labor contract law of the people's Republic of China: if the term of a labor contract is more than three months but less than one year, the probation period shall not exceed one month; if the term of a labor contract is more than one year but less than three years, the probation period shall not exceed two months; if the term of a labor contract is more than three years and no fixed term, the probation period shall not exceed six months. The same employer and the same worker can only agree on one probation period. If the term of a labor contract is less than three months, the probation period may not be stipulated. The probation period is included in the term of the labor contract. If the labor contract only stipulates the probation period, the probation period shall not be established, which is the term of the labor contract.

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Alexander lawyer 2020-01-20 09:40:41

Can I divorce from another place? Divorce can be handled in other places. If it is a divorce by agreement, the person who applies for the divorce certificate shall go to the place where one party's household registration is located. If you file a lawsuit for divorce with the court, you can file a lawsuit for divorce at your habitual residence, with a marriage certificate and evidence proving that the defendant has lived in the place for more than one year.

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Alexander lawyer 2020-01-19 09:45:28

Do I need to be present for vehicle transfer? In fact, if I really can't be present, as long as the entrusted agent takes the original ID card of the owner or the buyer and the original ID card of the agent, plus the certificate required for vehicle transfer to be present on behalf of me, but the agent is required to have Jinan ID card or the temporary residence card of the non local account. However, it is better for both parties to be present in person. On the one hand, it is to be able to clearly understand the responsibility of the transfer of second-hand cars, and also to avoid conflicts that cannot be confirmed or resolved due to their absence at that time after the transfer. Make an appointment in advance and finish it in one hour.

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David H. Cameron lawyer 2020-01-19 09:42:57

What do you mean by flexible working hours? Flexible working time refers to the specific time arrangement that employees can freely choose to work on the premise of completing the specified work task or fixed working time length, instead of the unified system of fixed working time.

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Wolfsdorf lawyer 2020-01-19 09:40:31

How much is the refund deduction for the ticket returned by meituan? Refund more than 15 days in advance, so there is no handling fee. Regulations on ticket refund service fee: no charge for more than 15 days from departure time; 5% for 48-15 days; 10% for 24-48 hours; 20% for 24 hours. During the Spring Festival, 20% will be charged for refunding the tickets that have been re signed.

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Chi Tai min lawyer 2020-01-17 10:09:27

What are the provisions on the limitation of action for labor disputes? After the occurrence of labor disputes, the parties can apply to the labor dispute mediation committee of their own unit for mediation; if mediation fails and one of the parties requests arbitration, they can apply to the labor dispute arbitration committee for arbitration. Either party may also directly apply to the labor dispute arbitration commission for arbitration. If they are not satisfied with the arbitration award, they may file a lawsuit with the people's court.

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Semi prime Silver lawyer 2020-01-17 10:07:32

How long is the validity period of Chinese passports? Passports are not permanent documents. They all have a certain period of validity. A passport is a certificate with legal effect within its validity period, which is a valid passport. Otherwise, it is an invalid passport without legal effect. The validity of passports varies from one year, two years, three years and five years to ten years. Our passports are valid for two or five years.

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Alexander lawyer 2020-01-17 10:05:18

Can I have my ticket refunded half an hour before the high-speed train leaves? Generally, Ctrip or can be refunded half an hour before the departure time of the train, but there is a refund fee. After purchasing tickets on, please return tickets in the following ways: 1. If you have exchanged paper tickets or you have bought tickets within 30 minutes before driving, please bring the original valid identity card of the passenger to the ticket selling window of the station; if you can't read the identity card automatically or use other valid identity card other than the identity card to purchase tickets, please provide the order number (E + 9 digits). 2. Those who do not exchange paper tickets and no later than 30 minutes before driving can apply at 3. If you use your ID card to purchase a ticket and hold your ID card for the entrance check-in, and you leave the station without taking the bus, please go through the formalities according to the regulations after the confirmation of the station. Manual handling office. 4. If you get off midway due to injury, illness or the carrier's responsibility, please handle it at the next station according to the regulations with the passenger transport record issued by the conductor and the original valid identity card of the passenger used when purchasing the ticket.

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Chi Tai min lawyer 2020-01-16 09:46:31

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